Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 15th AGM - Grand Prize

PSC Annual General Meeting
Thusday, June 15th, 2017
Toby's Bar 2733 Comercial Drive
7:30 p.m.
  • General Meeting
  • Raffels
  • 50/50 Draw
  • Appetizers
  • Sign Up for Camping - September Long Weekend 
    •  RV Sites - Almost sold out  
    • Lots of camp sites and Rustic Cabins available.
  • Meet new friends; enjoy the company of friends you ahve already made
  •  Sign up for the golf tournaments
    • July 15th, 2017
    • September 16/17, 2017
Grand Prize to the AGM Raffel - $125.00 Black & Decker Portable Tool Set - Donated by Richard Gaudreau.

Sven Stefanov, President

Thursday, June 1, 2017

PSC AGM - June 15th, 2017

Yes, we are a ski club and I took the above photo on one of the many ski trips we did to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains this ski season (2016/ 2017)

Our club is made up of skiers, both the beginner and the expert, who have a myriad of ski locations, some with numerous mountains from which to choose from, each with vertical lifts which will take you up to start a day of skiing on thousands of acres of terrain, from the easiest of trails to the steepest of cliffs, to gain experience and memories not one of us would trade in for anything in the world. New to B.C.? On your own with no one to ski with?  Looking for adventure? The Pacific Ski Club is here for you.

Our 2017 Annual General Meeting is this June 15th, 2017. 
Come on by and see what we have to offer. Summer and Fall are just ahead. Hikes, bike trips, camping, bowling nights TGIF evening and lots more!
Location: Toby's Bar and Grill 2733 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Time 7:30 P.M.
Raffle, 50/50, appetizers.

Sven Stefanov, President

Refreshing to see you at Club Night

May Ski Club Night in Review

 Skiing is a social event, just look at the photo above. It was snapped while on our way to Mt. Washington.
I must let all of you know how nice it was to see so many of our members at the May Ski Club night. With a few new members being added, it gives our club's executive the incentive to move on to bigger and better things.
  • The planning is underfoot for our 2017 New Year's Trip, and we will be looking at Powder Hounds for the New Year's Eve Party.
  • The Transylvania Ski Tour 2018 has 2 (two) places left and there is still time left. But, please don;t leave it until the last minute. It is $763.00 for the full 16 day trip.
    • 7 Nights in Transylvania skiing Poinana Brasov.
    • 5 Nights in Wallechia skiing Sinaia
    • 2 Nights in the 4 Star Eurocenter Hotel Bucharest
    • All transfers from the airport to hotels and back
    • Visit Brasov, its Town Hall, museums & the Black Church
    • Ride the Tampa Cable Car, Brasov
    • See Bran Castle in Transylvania
    • Bran Castle
    • See Pele Castle in Sinaia
Hope to see more of you come out to our events and club nights!

Sven, President, PSC

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Whistler Opens November 24th, Officially!
With the typhoons hitting Greater Vancouver, Whistler has had snowfall in the mid to top of the mountain the past few weeks. 75cm fell in the past 7 days.  Another 37cm is expected to come through the weekend. Next week, with the temperature at the top dropping to -4 tomorrow, and staying between -3 to -5 until next Friday and the mid-mountain temperature around +1, you can expect the upper part of the mountain to receive a dump of snow forecast at up to 122cm of new. Expect the mountain to open early this year.  Watch our Web Site and Blog, and you can instantly link to Whistler's snow report. See for yourself! 
Whistler Blackcomb Snow Report 


Monday, October 17, 2016

   Ski Trip Sign-up Night
October 20th - Toby's  6:30pm

 9 Ski Trips to Choose From
26 Nights of Accommodations
  • Whistler
  • Mt. Washington
  • Sun Peaks
  • Big White
  • Apex 
 Pick your mountain, pick your dates, sign up for your trips, fill in the tours form, pay for your trip and you are off skiing some of the best ski resorts in B.C.  If you are a member of the Pacific Ski Club or the Victoria Alpine Ski Club, it's just that easy!! 
No need to sit at home watching sports when you can come out and play in the vast ski regions British Columbia offers anyone who has the desire to ski or snowboard. Once again, we are able to offer our members great skiing in fantastic locations for very reasonable rates. Take a good look at New Years. The cheapest hotels in Whistler are going for $660.00 per night in the High Season, December 24 - Janaury 1st, 2017. We can have you up skiing and partying over new years for 4 days and three nights for only $549.00 and have packages for an extra day so you can really enjoy Sun Peaks Resort. With the party at Bottom Pub and your hotel right in the heart of that incredible ski village, your can watch the fireworks show right outside your door! 
 Dare to Dream - Live Above the Clouds - Ski with the Pacific Ski Club this year!

New Year's at Sun Peaks Ski Resort
4 days, 3 nights, New Year's Eve Party
$549.00 / person - double occupancy  
Play in Mother Nature's Back Yard; Join the Pacific Ski Club!

See you at club night for the sign-up and Ski with Us!!!!!  

 Come on down to Toby's Thursday October 20 and sign up for your ski trip !!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vagabond Players - Body & Soul

October's Vagabond Theatre Night in Review!
It was a most refreshing evening with Vancouver's second Typhoon swaying the trees like belly dancers riveted to a stage and swirling their leaves like Twirling Dervishes which were being torn from the branches as the winds passed through. It was also lovely to see a few members of the Inside Edge club who must have read our Theatre Night Information on the Pacific Ski Club's Web Site. They seemed to have come along to see what our club has successfully been doing in New Westminster's Bernie Legge Theatre in Queen's Park for the past two years. Many I had not seen since our Blue Lake Camping trip in early September, and we had a good time conversing in the theatre's foyer. Perhaps some of them may wish to join us for dinner at some New Westminster restaurant we always go to before the show. Inside Edge members are always most welcome to join us in any event, including our dances and club night. Fell free to give Iain a call and see when and where dinner will be for the November 24th show.  Drop in and check us out any time.  The more the merrier, and we do offer great ski trips each and every ski season.

A most fitting show for the Vagabond Theatre's season opener.  Body & Soul is set in New Westminster, B.C. and the main character of the play is a young man writing his first book whose theme is derived from the house's ghost, not too dissimilar of your current PSC President.  With the storm raging outside, the Autumn chill in the air with the leaves, and Halloween with the Pacific Ski Club's party and dance at Toby's with the live band Whiskydicks on the 29th of October, the theme of ghosts walking into the scenes, rattling walls, creaking floorboards, dangling pictures, flashing lights and spooky voices from beyond hit the nail right on the head.  A very well performed play. 
Come Join the Pacific Ski Club @Toby's Pub & Grill
- October 20th, 6:30pm Club Night - Ski trip sign-up night
- October 29th - Halloween Part & Dance - $5.00for your seat,
food & costume prizes.  

Friday, October 14, 2016

Whistler's Turkey Sale Still Has Great Bargains!
 Over the many years the Turkey Sale has been held up at Whistler, it went from the locals selling off their skis complete with bindings, gouges and, at times, missing edges, but the prices were right. Many an avid skier could drive up and find skis with little wear and years of great skiing still ahead.  That was what the sale was all about.
For me, a skier who taught Moses how to ski, the 'downhill' ski was all wood, had cable bindings and one skied not much different than today's Telemarketer skiers do when sliding downhill.  One foot was slipped forward, the other behind and you bent the knees to execute your turn in fine form. Then, Tyrolia brought out the Clix 90 binding, Rossignol put continuous edges onto the Strat 101 skis and ski brakes were combined with the binding. Who needs ski brakes? No one skies fast enough other than Toni Sailer. Franz Klammer and Jean-Claude Killy. Even Ingemar Stenmark, still the over-all skier with the most world cup wins in his career was afraid of speed, so he never ran the downhill (GS & Slalom Champ). Suddenly, no one sold you the pieces for the screw in edges.
The Turkey sale was the best place to get the new stuff, unless you had unlimited cash, which no one I knew had. Why, dad bought a 'C' ski pass for Whistler as it was the only one he could afford.  A 'C' pass meant they loaded everyone in the 'A' lineup and if no more 'A' pass-holders came by, they loaded the skiers in the 'B' pass holder lineup.  ' C's just waited their turn, but it was fun all-the-same.  It wasn't until the 50th Birthday Party of Whistler's Opening Day (official opening that is) that I saw a 'D' ticket displayed on the memorability board.  There were folks even worse off than we were!  I bought the fellow who brought it up a beer only to find out he now owns half of Whistler, but he accepted none-the-less.
I bought my first quick release skis, a used pair of Rossignol Stats and never looked back.  One day, a fellow in the line said, "Where did you get those old skis from? We are all skiing on Shape skis!"
Good thing, I thought as he was in no shape to be on the mountain anyway.
Next year, at the Turkey Sale, I picked up a pair of Völkl G30s in a 190 cm length for only $30.00. I skied on those for more than 4 years!
Since then, the Turkey Sale has slowly been taken over by the brand name stores and they basically sell off last years junk at prices so high you could have bought a season's pass a few years ago.  No real deals very often and, as so many of us 'old timers', we did not go up too often.
I happen to be up there at the Tantalus Lodge for Thanksgiving this year, and we leisurely walked up to the area where they conducted the sale (near Merlin's and the Chateau Whistler).  I met Maureen who was our PSC president in 1980 and she told me, "Sven, your a little late.  The good deals are all gone by Thursday afternoon and evening."
I should have known better having been a cabin owner at Whistler for over 32 years.  It was already Sunday, but the regular food and craft bazaar was on, so we walked through tasting wines and locally brewed beers.  Then, the first of the tents of the Turkey Sale appeared but they had bikes and bicycle stuff for sale. ????
Oh, yes! I Thought. They now take lazy cyclists uphill. In my day we had to ride uphill both ways to go to school. Now the kids have lifts to take them some place their over-protective moms & dads will not drive them even if they are over 30. 
One in our group cycles, so we went in. I went over to the next tent and found Sorel boots for under $50.00 which fit, so I had to buy a pair. The next tent was almost empty and they were taking the shelving down.  The last tent had about 2 dozen skis.  I found a pair of 168cm Rossignol Bandits with little wear and good bindings. "$50.00", the tag said.
Too much! I Thought. Why only 30 years back I bought Völkls FOR $30.00. Why pay more?
A fine chap, about 10 years younger than I, came up and asked if I liked them. I told him they appeared in relatively good shape and he let me know he was from the Whistler Ski Club. They were used a year or two by one of their members and he had moved on.  If I wanted them, he let me know that I could have them for half price.
$25.00 cash in hand, I think I did not get ripped off.
There are still good deals around, even on the Sunday of the Turkey Sale. As I already have 20 pairs of good skies, I'll give them to someone who really needs them.